Coming Soon: The Vest Experience For Console Games With The New 3RD Space ® Trigger ™.



The 3RD Space® Trigger is a specialized microconsole that enables use of the 3RD Space Vest with videogame consoles. The Trigger will support Vest functionality for the top action/shooter game titles playable on the Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, and Wii®computer entertainment systems.

3rd Space TriggerWhat is the 3RD Space Trigger?


It is a specialized adapter that connects between your videogame console output and your TV. The trigger holds TN Games game driver software in its memory and seamlessly integrates it with the console output to create the appropriate Physical 3-D control signals for the Vest. How the system works is similar to how a green screen works in Hollywood movie and TV production: 3RD Space game driver software creates a virtual 3-D green room and maps the game data to it. The game driver software is then able to create 3 dimensionally accurate signals needed to activate the 3RD Space Vest. Any Trigger device works with any supported console.






Device Features:


Composite and component video I/O supporting console video output resolutions of 480i, 480p,  720p, and 1080i.


Ethernet port, enabling connection to your home network, so the device can receive software updates as new games and functions are added to the driver.


USB port to connect the 3RD Space vest.


SD Card reader: allows software updates to be made via SD cards if network not available.



All 3RD Space Vests will be compatible across all supported gaming platforms.




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