The Vest Experience For Console Games & Movies - The PhantomSense® Physical Effects System.


The PhantomSense® Trigger effects unit is a small control box that is the core of game console and movie operability. It connects between the output of your game console, DVD player, or set top box and the TV inputs; seamlessly integrating the audio and video information with our Haptic Effects Driver software to create the appropriate Vest control signals for enabled content.

The PhantomSense® Trigger will support Vest functionality for the top action/shooter game titles playable on Xbox® and PlayStation® branded computer entertainment systems as well as select movie titles.

 All Trigger devices work with any supported console or device, and ALL 3RD Space vests.

trigger/trigger_front.jpg      trigger/trigger_back.jpg

Device Features:


Composite and component video I/O supporting console video output resolutions of 480i, 480p,  720p, and 1080i.

Connection to HDMI only devices require additional hardware components (3rd party items sold separately).

Ethernet port, enabling connection to your home network, so the device can receive software updates as new title support and functions are added to the Haptic effects driver.

USB port to connect the 3RD Space vest.

SD Card reader: allows software updates to be made via SD cards if network not available.

All 3RD Space Vests will be compatible across all supported gaming platforms.

A wireless radio solution providing wireless vest communication and a network for using multiple vests simultaneously is availible and sold separately



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