3RD Space Game Driver Software (For PC)

The 3RD Space Game Driver is the software you need to add vest effects to your gameplay. It runs on your PC while you play.

   (Current Version 4.7)

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Game Driver Supported Games (PC)
Game Driver support requires an official licensed version of the appropriate game. Support is added for retail (in store) game releases. If the retail release requires an online service such as Steam® or Origin™ a direct download game will be supported.
Game Mods (PC)

In order for the mod to work, you will need to be playing an official licensed version of the appropriate game.

Enemy Territory Quake Wars (version 1.5) Single/Multiplayer

Enemy Territory Quake Wars

Quake 4™ (version 1.4.2) Single Player

Quake 4

Quake 4™ (version 1.4.2) Multiplayer

Quake 4

Doom 3™ (version 1.3.1) Single Player

Doom 3
3RD Space Incursion Game

Our 3RD Space Gaming Vest sold with 3RD Space Incursion™, Call of Duty™ 2 (3RD Space version)

incrusion box
3RD Space Incursion

3rd Space Incursion
incursion video incursion 2 incursion 3
incursion 4 games_screenshots/incursion5_thumb.jpg incursion 6

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