Touch Enabled is a radically innovative new way of enhancing cinematic drama and suspense.

Phantom Sense creates these advanced theater-type special effects for your personal home video entertainment system by adding a believable, physical experience to what you see. It brings an entirely new dimension to the world of movies as the power of touch makes the realism, danger, and excitement more intense and compelling. Actions now have tangible attributes that you can expereince- it feels like it’s actually happening to you. In your mind's eye, you're one step closer to being there.

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The next level of cinematic innovation is PhantomSense®

PhantomSense® enhances the drama and realism of the cinematic experience by adding in the most important missing sensory element- our sense of touch. It creates a physical experience corresponding to what you see, helping to bridge the reality gap. It introduces an active virtual reality element that transforms an otherwise passive form of entertainment into a new hybrid expereince that never previously existed. Filling in those small missing details that let you feel the action pushes the boundary of realism to the next level...[Read More]

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What Do I Need To Feel The Action?

Experiencing Phantom Sense physical effects with movies is easy. All you need to get started is your movie player (source hardware), the Phantom Sense Trigger effects unit, the 3RDSpace Ballistic Impact Vest, the Phantom Sense Haptic Effects Driver software, and a supported movie. The set up is quick and simple.

1 Select Movie
2 Hook up the Trigger
3 Put on the Vest - Plug in
4 Feel the Fight

The Phantom Sense Trigger connects between the output of your movie player and the input of your TV. It seamlessly integrates the audio-video information with the Haptic Effects Driver to control the Vest. The movie player (source hardware) could be a game console, set top box, DVD player, or computer. Both the Trigger effects unit and Haptic Effects Driver are required for the Vest to function. Vest effects are only enabled for titles specifically supported in the Haptic Effects Driver. Neither the Trigger nor Haptic Effects Driver alters, or affects your movie source or disc.


The Haptic Effects Driver runs on the PhantomSense Trigger and creates the Vest effects for supported titles. As new titles become supported, the software is updated. The Trigger will automatically prompt you to download the most recent version of the software for access to all the latest titles and features.