TN Games Introduces Phantom SenseĀ® : The First Wearable Physical Effects System for Console Videogames and Movies
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Stunningly Realistic And Immersive, This Innovative Special Effects Technology Lets You Experience The Action As If It Were Meant Directly For You.

Wear Action Feels Real.™


Redmond, WA (9/15/14) — TN Games today announces a key advancement in realism for video based entertainment with the release of its new Phantom Sense Physical Effects system. The Phantom Sense system combines TNGames’ revolutionary 3RD Space® Vest with its Phantom Sense Trigger effects unit, creating a wearable platform that gives users the power to feel the physical aspects of what they’re watching on-screen, for a thrilling new way to experience console videogames and movies. Phantom Sense is unlike any other touch-enabling or “haptic” device as it produces not only the complete range of sound and vibration-based rumbling environmental background enhancements which are the basics of touch feedback, but is the first and only technology with the unique ability to generate complex, advanced pressure effects like directed impacts, strikes, and G-forces with 3-dimensional accuracy! Augmenting visuals with a dynamic range of relevant physical cues beyond just background effects, creates a more vivid sensory experience that reinforces the notion that what’s occurring is, in fact, real. The additional touch sensory awareness causes you to subconsciously react as if the action were live and actually happening to you.


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The Phantom Sense system consists of 3 key elements: the Trigger effects unit, 3RD Space vest, and Haptic Effects Driver software. The Trigger is a small control box that is the core of game console and movie operability. It connects between the output of the game console, DVD player, or set top box and the TV inputs; seamlessly integrating the audio and video information with the Haptic Effects Driver software to create the appropriate vest control signals for enabled content. The 3RD Space vest is a light weight, wearable user interface that uses a specialized air system to activate 8 contact points over the chest and back to emulate a diverse range of spatially accurate impact and pressure effects such as blasts, bullet strikes, contact, and G-Forces.

The consumer system, complete with Trigger, Vest, and software will be available for the introductory price of $299 at A wireless radio solution providing wireless vest communication and a network for using multiple vests simultaneously will also available and sold separately. A list of supported content will also be posted at