Forcewear™ Renamed 3RD Space™
08.08.2007 | Categories: Press Releases | Back to News

REDMOND, Wash.-(Business Wire)-August 7, 2007 - TN Games™, makers of computer hardware and software devices, announced today the new name for its flagship technology, formerly known as ForceWear™. The name, 3rd Space™, highlights the newly created "Amped Reality" that TN Games™ developed with their patented impact-generating technology.

Gamers can first experience 3rd Space technology in a vest that uses 8 contact points to simulate a wide array of impacts and explosions, including the direction and force of bullet fire in a first-person shooter. Another version of the vest is specially configured with a different number of cells to deliver 360 degrees of pressure to create G-force in racing games and flight simulators.

The 3rd Space™ Vest is initially being introduced for the PC platform and will be available to consumers in October 2007.