Forcewearâ„¢ Introduced
03.07.2007 | Categories: Press Releases | Back to News

Game Developers Conference 2007
Booth 5307, North Hall

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TN Games, makers of computer hardware and software products, today unveils ForceWearTM Vest. Video-based content is amplified as players wearing ForceWear Vest are pounded both front and back with hits from rapid gunfire, or experience body slams associated with racecar driving. With ten pounds of force at each of the 8 contact points, ForceWear Vest imparts tactile events and impact throughout game play including directional force to create unending anticipation.

"From the young gamer to the hardened industry veteran, all have been astonished by how much TN GamesTM ForceWear Vest amplifies the gaming experience", said TN GamesTM CEO, Dr. Mark Ombrellaro. "We are excited to launch ForceWear Vest at the Game Developers Conference. TN GamesTM is redefining the concept of interactive entertainment by combining feedback that is unexpected and thoroughly suspenseful."

With a customizable-look geared toward shooter and racing games, ForceWear Vest impacts single gunshot wounds, multiple missile gunshot wounds, through and through missile injuries, kicks, punches, and can be used to impart G-force effects for driving/racing or aerial flight content. Standard visual cues during game play are rendered obsolete as hits, kicks and punches from outside the players' field of vision are felt.

ForceWear is currently available in black tactical vest, camouflage, as well as a racing vest with flame-suit appearance. TN GamesTM ForceWear Vest is being introduced on PC platform and will be available to consumers in November 2007.