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Based in Redmond, Washington, (USA), TN Games (TNG) is the market leader in wearable haptic impact (touch) technology.

Originally developed as a medical system allowing doctors to perform a “remote” physical examination where patient and physician were in different physical locations, TNG has advanced its remote-touch platform to other fields. TNG has invested over a decade in R & D, developing products that deliver a pressure-based, location specific haptic impact experience for both consumer entertainment and real-world simulation applications. Its patented technology remains unparalleled in the industry.

TNG’s consumer products serve the gaming community and action movie enthusiasts with their patented PhantomSense® Physical Effects System and 3RDSPACE® Ballistic Impact Vest. The combined system allows users to experience the feel of directed impacts and pressure phenomena as those events occur during game play or movie action sequences. Content played through a variety of hardware sources (set-top box, game console, computer, or DVD player) can be experienced with PhantomSense®.

TNG creates real world training devices for military, law enforcement, and security customers who seek the most advanced combat simulation experience. 3RDSPACE® Ballistic Impact Vests added to an existing simulation system allows for safe and effective, location specific feedback for ballistic damage. Improving simulation quality through enhanced sensory awareness quickens reaction times and saves lives.

The unique, wearable, human interface products emulate a diverse range of 3-dimensionally accurate impact, force, and environmental pressure effects; creating a believable, tangible physical experience for audio-visual applications and entertainment. Visual input supported with the appropriate physical cues evokes a subconscious reaction in the user as if the action were live and happening to them, for a more engaging, realistic, fun, and compelling experience.

Executive Team

Mark Ombrellaro, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Lauree Thiessen, MBA, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Ombrellaro
Vice President, Operations

Aaron Morris
Chief Technology Officer

Josh Kelly
Director Of Engineering