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What It's All About

Touch. It’s a sense serving a diverse range of important functions such as object identification, threat detection, and communication. Our sense of touch is never off, with most information being processed by our subconscious- running in the background like a computer’s operating system. Only when specific bits of information are considered important do we even become aware of it. Touch gives us the capability to react quickly and reflexively to our environment, more so than with any of our other senses.

Touch For The Virtual World

Most virtual experiences are constructed around what you see and hear. Creating a meaningful tactile experience for that world requires tools that let you feel what “lives” inside the machine. A dedicated user interface that puts your body in direct contact with the virtual world and software that gives virtual objects and actions the appropriate feel are key.

For Tactile Realism, You Have To Wear It

Our sense of touch occurs through our skin. Every point on its' surface is a touch sensor and activating it just requires contact. It doesn't matter if it's an actual object, or something unseen like gravity, pressure, or a temperature change- there is still some level of physical contact happening. Wearable systems like our 3rd Space & Phantom Sense products uses this to its advantage by providing a large surface interface to activate areas of the skin in different ways - the ideal for advanced tactile realism.

A Better Way

A touch experience is much more dynamic than what you can get from speakers or vibrating motors. Discrete focused pressure across the entire body is infinitely more important. It opens up new possibilities of emulating natural physical forces and bringing virtual expereinces into the realm of real 3-dimensional space. Pressure based effects are difficult to create yet critical to making the most realistic, natural, and intuitive tactile experience possible.

Our haptic effects aren’t just byproducts of the soundtrack. They're both intricate and individually crafted to give you the optimal feel for the action at hand. Eight active contact points distributed across the front and back of the device enable a diverse range of complex pressure based effects. Experience the physical sensation of ballistic impacts, direct hits, rumble, and G forces making the virtual space more real. We use air to create a durable, light weight system that is both easy to use and comfortable for long hours of continuous use.

Creating a tangible experience for your audio-visual media is our way of bringing virtual scenarios to life in an infinitely more realistic and compelling way. Your subconscious will be telling you it's real, and you’re a part of it.