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PhantomSense® Console/Movie Bundle

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CONTAINS: PhantomSense® Trigger, composite AV cables, HDMI kit, 3rd Space™ Ballistic Impact Vest, Compressor, USB Cable and Power supply.

3rd Space® PC Bundle

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CONTAINS: 3RD Space® Vest, Compressor, USB Cable, PC Games (Call Of Duty 2 & 3RD Space Incursion) and Power supply.

PhantomSense® Wireless Kit

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Ditch the USB cord, the PhantomSense® Wireless Kit connects with your current or new 3RD Space® Vest.

Kit includes the TN Games wireless dongle, wireless adaptor, power extension cable, velcro mounts and cable ties.


3rd Space® Replacement Compressor.

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PhantomSense® Trigger

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Already own a vest and want to add console and movie support, this is what you need!

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Package contains a PhantomSense® Trigger, composite AV cables, HDMI kit, and Power supply.


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HDMI systems will need the HDMI kit. We have packaged together what you need for the best price possible.

Package contains a HDMI converter, HDMI splitter and HDMI cables. Colors may vary.

3RD Space® Incursion (PC)

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3RD Space Incursion is a FPS game rich with singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Multiplayer functionality is possible with LAN, Local, and Internet play. Online offers deathmatch, last man standing, and "capture" gameplay (where teams vie over control of points on the map), also instagib versions of some of the game modes (Instagib, Insta-clan-arena, insta-capture). Single player mode allows you to battle your way through 11 intense levels of futuristic FPS action.