Fequently Asked Questions

Getting Started:

Q: What do I need to start using H.U.B.™(Health User Base), TouchBase® Patient, and TouchBase® Doctor?
A: See the System Requirements


Q: Does TouchBase® work through a firewall?
A: Yes - Your connections will come through our servers.

Q: Does TouchBase® work through a proxy server?
A: Yes - As long as your system administrator allows the client to access our servers.

Q: Does TouchBase® work with a dial-up connection?
A: Yes - On first run TouchBase® will optimize your setting to dial-up.

TouchBase - Audio:

Q: No one can hear me when I talk?
A: Check that your microphone is selected as the input source.

TouchBase - Video:

Q: I cannot get my video camera to work?
A: TouchBase® will work with any Windows 2000 or XP compatible USB webcam. Confirm that the camera drivers have been installed correctly and the device has been selected in TouchBase®.

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