Jewels et Jim Fashionable Medical I.D. Jewelry Products

Jewels et Jim™ Fashionable Medical ID bracelet has partnered with TouchNetworks to provide the most advanced means of conveying your health history in case of an emergency.

TouchNetworks H.U.B™ is a web based health care delivery tool that privately and securely stores and shares your health information. In an emergency situation quickly giving health care providers access to your health information can be life saving. Privacy and security are maintained with TouchNetworks unique security design that allows persons authorized only by you to view information.

Emergency access to your HUB account is enabled by setting up an Emergency ID and Passkey. Unlike other medical ID bracelets where an allergy or two alone are engraved, with your Jewels et Jim Fashionable Medical ID bracelet, engrave your Emergency ID and Passkey instead, and allow health providers access to your entire health history.

To get started:

1. Click on "Register Today" (located below)
2. Fill out the Account Registration Form
3. Check the Emergency Access box and generate a unique Emergency ID (EID) and Passkey (EPK) number for your account
4. Access your HUB account and complete your health history
5. Click "Print Emergency Card" button.
6. Print out the EID and EPK numbers, conveniently formatted on a wallet size ID card. Engrave this information on the back of your ID Bracelet

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